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Are you searching for a reliable medical equipment store online? Do you want to buy top quality hospital supplies online at the best price? Then MedDeal.in will prove to be your one stop shop solution. We are proud to be recognized as one of the largest and top rated hospital medical supply companies in India. At our online store, you will find discount surgical supplies, hospital furniture, diagnostic supplies, height & weight scales, orthopedic aids, laboratory equipment's, laboratory plastic ware, medical rubber products, anesthesia equipment's, autoclave & sterilizer, ob gyna (gynecological), ot lights & tables, suction machines & units, hospital utensils/holloware, infant care equipment, hospital scrubs & linens, cold chain, x-ray supplies, health care products and more at the best price.


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Artificial Resuscitator, Silicone Blue Color, Adult

Made from silicone (Blue) Artificial Resuscitator Bag Capac..

Rs 849.00 Rs 1,099.00

Autoclave Pressure Cooker Type, Epoxy Finish, Electric, 10 litre

Epoxy Finish, Electric, 220V. 50Hz. Single PhaseApprox. Size (Dia. X H):..

Rs 5,850.00 Rs 6,136.00

Autoclave Pressure Cooker Type, Mirror Finish, Electric, 10 litre

Mirror Finish, Electric, 220V. 50Hz. Single PhaseApprox. Size (Dia. X H)..

Rs 5,500.00 Rs 6,099.00

Enema Bucket Kit 1.5 Liter

PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS: IndoSurgicals used the best quality materials to make this enema bucket k..

Rs 699.00 Rs 799.00

Hegar Uterine Dilators Set of 8

Hegar Double-Ended Uterine Dilator Set is a set of 8 manual, probe-style instrum..

Rs 1,064.00 Rs 1,199.00

IndoSurgicals Silvery II-SS Stethoscope

Machined stainless steel chest piece.Double sided chest piece technology..

Rs 1,176.00 Rs 1,299.00

IndoSurgicals Silvery Stethoscope

Light weight aluminium sand anodized chest piece. High acoustic sensitivity. PVC 'U' shaped tu..

Rs 749.00 Rs 799.00

Large Vaccine Carrier Box, Capacity 2.40 Litres

Vaccine storage capacity : 2.40 Ltrs. ..

Rs 1,736.00 Rs 1,792.00

Lead Apron with Thyroid Collar (BARC Approved)

Product Specification:BARC approved lead apron with thyroid collar for doctors, technicians and pati..

Rs 2,999.00 Rs 3,108.00

LED Laryngoscope Set Macintosh (Deluxe Quality)

Stainless Steel blades with removable LED lamp Handle & B..

Rs 2,072.00 Rs 2,184.00

LED X-Ray View Box Single Film with Dimmer (Deluxe Quality)

LED X-Ray View Box Single Film with Dimmer to Adjust Brightness of ScreenAdopt LED light source with..

Rs 8,299.00 Rs 8,399.00

LED X-Ray View Box Single Film with Dimmer (General Quality)

LED X-Ray View Box Single Film with Dimmer to Adjust Brightness of Scree..

Rs 2,099.00 Rs 2,199.00

Plastic Enema Kit for Home Use

Non-Sterile Plastic Enema Kit (PVC). Easy to Clean wall mounted can..

Rs 299.00 Rs 375.00

Rubber Enema Bag 4 Liter

High Quality - Superior 4 liter Rubber Latex Enema/Douche Bag with Superior Tubing a..

Rs 649.00 Rs 675.00

Silicone Enema Bag Kit 2 Litre

Capacity: 2 litresQUALITY THAT YOU DESERVE: Silicone Enema Bag Kits designed for American health sta..

Rs 1,064.00 Rs 1,299.00

Sphygmomanometer Aneroid Table Top / Wall Mounted Model

Measurement Range : 0-300 mmHgInflation method : Inflation and air release by manualDisplay : Square..

Rs 1,904.00 Rs 2,016.00

Stainless Steel Jala Neti Pot 500ml With 10 Sachet of Neti Salt

IndoSurgicals Stainless Steel Premium Quality Ayurvedic Jala Neti Po..

Rs 599.00 Rs 649.00

Travel Enema Kit

Enemas are great for cleansing your colon and have many additional benefits. This Travel Enema Kit i..

Rs 499.00 Rs 549.00

Vacuum Extractor Electric with Silicone Cups

Delivery Aid for Obstetricians : Safe for Mother/BabyHouse : Enginee..

Rs 9,632.00 Rs 9,856.00

Vacuum Extractor Set, Manual Operated, Malmstrom Type

Vacuum Extractor Set, Malmstrom Type, manual operated. Complete wit..

Rs 2,408.00 Rs 2,520.00

X-Ray Lead Gloves

Lead equivalency 0.5 mmX-Ray Protective Lead Gloves are used for protection against radiation in hos..

Rs 2,240.00 Rs 2,352.00

X-Ray Thyroid Collar, Lead Equivalency 0.50mm (BARC Approved)

Product Specification:This thyroid collar provide protection for the neck and thyroid ar..

Rs 1,099.00 Rs 1,199.00

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