Baby Weighing Scales (Pan Type)

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  • Baby Weighing Scales. Plastic Die Cast Body with Plastic Pan.
  • Capacity : 10Kg. and 20 Kg. & Graduation : 50 gm.
  • Measuring Tape is provided in the Plastic Pan to measure height of baby.
  • Accurate & Reliable weight. Wide View dial with moving pointer.
  • Easily removable pan.


  • A knob is provided on the scale for adjustment of dial tobring zero reading close to the red needle.
  • If the reading on the scale does not show zero close to thered needle, use knob to adjust dial so that the needle comes near to the zero Kg. mark. Now press the platform three/four times with hand and observe threading when the dial stop. If the zero reading is close to the needle, scale is ready for use, otherwise repeat above procedure for re-adjustment.
  • Place on hard, level floor surface.

Item Code Capacity Graduation
20022 10 Kg. 50 gm
20007 20 Kg. 50 gm

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