Kidney Tray

Kidney Trays which are made from high grade stainless steel. These are extremely durable. The kidney trays, as the name suggests are used for holding various surgical instruments like forceps, blades, knives etc.

Kidney Tray, General Quality

Kidney Tray, General Quality

Premium Quality Stainless Steel with Superior CraftsmanshipHighly polished finish for aesthetic and ..

₹ 115.36

Kidney Tray, Deluxe Quality hover image

Kidney Tray, Deluxe Quality

Stainless steel Without cover Item Code Size (approx.) 70001 150mm (6") ..

₹ 216.16

Kidney Tray, Polypropylene (25 Pcs.)

Kidney Tray, Polypropylene (25 Pcs.)

Autoclavable kidney trayMaterial: Polypropylene Item Code Size (appr..

₹ 357.28

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