Emergency Resuscitation Kit

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Emergency First Aid Kit with automatic resuscitation Model 40121 is very useful for all emergency purposes, which enables all necessary life saving measures to be taken immediately at the accident location to treat all types of respiratory disturbances by the ambulance services, in Hospital Causality & Emergency Wards, General Practices, Rescue squad in Railways, Air Lines, Mines, Fire Services & Defence Services.

Automatic Resuscitator:
It is pneumatically controlled, time cycled, flow adjustable, positive pressure Ventilator to meet all emergency situations for respiratory support. Easy to operate with Inspiratory Expiratory & Flow adjustments for breathing frequency of Adults & Children for continuous ventilation automatically.

Standard Accessories:

  • Three sizes face masks with tubing
  • Small oxygen cylinder
  • Single stage single gauge regulator
  • Cylinder Key
  • Provision for using bigger cylinder with Tubing fitted with metal end
  • Refilling kit for Refilling the Cylinder

Manual Resuscitator:

Manually Operated Resuscitator with double inlet valves for air and oxygen attachments

Oxygen Inhalation:
Oxygen flow control from 0 to 10 Lt. /Min. simply turning by O knob. Supplied with nasal oxygen cathetor, Adult and Child poly masks and ventimask for concentration of Air and Oxygen with Tubings

Suction Pump:
Manually operated Suction Pump to aspirate the mucus, blood or other secretion from the entire airways of Adult, Child or Infants. It can also be operated from Gases by simply turning the suction knob. Supplied with suitable Suction Catheter

Intubation Set:

  • Laryngoscope with Three blades and Handle
  • Endotracheal Tubes with cuff and plain four sizes sterilized
  • Endotracheal connection Set of 12
  • Magill's introducing forcep
  • Mouth bite

Diagnostic Instruments:

  • Stethoscope
  • Aneroid Sphygmomanometer
  • Percussion Hammer
  • Tongue Spetula
  • Examination Torch
  • Clinical Thermometer

Infusions, Dressings & Others:

  • I.V. Rod in two section
  • I.V. Set Disposables
  • Adhesive Plaster
  • Sterilized Gauge
  • Rolled Bandages
  • Dressing Scissor
  • Dissecting Forceps
  • Tissue Forceps
  • Haemostatic Forceps
  • Needle Holder
  • Disposable Syringes
  • Disposable Needles
  • Splints

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