StPb® Frontal Protection Lead Vest & Skirt

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A two piece garment consisting of a frontal vest to protect the upper torso from the front and a skirt designed to protect the lower torso from the front. Like their counterpart Full frontal protection apron, the unique two piece design of the Frontal Vest and Frontal Skirt apron splits the total weight of the garment between the shoulders and the waist. It is also thought to be a cooler option than the Full Frontal Apron because it allows more air to circulate. Criss cross back with adjustable hook and loop closure in the vest and fastener in the skirt. Used in a variety of different environments, mostly where radiation exposure to the back is not a major concern or in situations where the wearer will not be turning their back towards the radiation source.
Available Protection Levels (Lead Equivalent):
Front: 0.35mm & 0.5mm

Available Core Materials:
StPb™ Core material is Lead vinyl it offers a low cost, dependable heavy-duty solution that can be used for gamma radiation (nuclear medicine) and x-ray procedures (CT-assist, thorax) exceeding 120kV.

Core Material - StPb™

SKU - 0.35 mm
Lead Equivalency
SKU - 0.5 mm
Lead Equivalency
Size Vest Skirt Vest Skirt
XS 91221 91281 91231 91291
S 91222
M 91223
L 91224
XL 91225
XXL 91226

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