Laboratory Plasticware

IndoSurgicals Laboratory Plasticware are used in research, pathology, scientific and quality control labs, pharmaceutical quality control lab, chemical and microbiology lab, food and cosmetics industries. We are a trusted brand in global market. We aim to differentiate ourselves and add value to our customers, by providing a relevant high quality service through the sales process. This added value is created by understanding customers business challenges, identifying the commercial opportunities, utilizing our resources and technical expertise to design improved systems and products to deliver a desired results.

Our product range includes Plastic Lab Beakers, Plastic Lab Bottles, Plastic Stopcocks, Plastic Funnels,

Plastic Petri Dishes

, Plastic Coplin Jar & Slide Boxes, Plastic Test Tubes, Plastic Lab Containers, Plastic Lab Vials, Plastic Measuring Cylinders,
Plastic Measuring Jugs
, Plastic Conical Measures,
Plastic Atomic Models